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Epworth Cutlers

There have been several Epworth cutlers in my family, going back more than 200 years, and starting with my Great Great Grandfather Joseph Epworth 1784-1860, and all living in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.

I am a blood relative of the following Cutlers:

Joseph Epworth 1784-1860 Cutlers Apprentice in 1798, probably the first, as his father was a Yeoman
John Epworth 1777-? Cutler
Thomas Epworth 1826-1899 Cutler
Joseph Epworth 1815-1883  Spring Knife Cutler
Samuel Hobson Epworth 1808-1886 Spring Knife Cutler
Mary Ann Hobson Epworth 1817-1899
Thomas Epworth 1860-? Pen Knife Cutler
Joseph Epworth 1855-1907 Cutler
William Edward Epworth 1917 1974 Cutler

Richard Epworth 1945-........

My grandfather (Joseph Tom Epworth) had never been a cutler, though he may have been intended to follow in his fathers footsteps (Joseph Epworth 1855-1907), rather than becoming a clerk and a businessman (hosiery).

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This is the Epworth stamp on an old knife

The stamp on the only piece from my Great Grandfather - Joseph Epworth, 1855-1907