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There have been several cutlers in my Epworth family since the late 1700s (See Epworth Cutlers)

I have a collection of cutlery, mostly made by my father William (Bill) Edward Epworth, who jointly ran a small cutlery business in Sheffield with another man (Larry Fulton), from approx 1947-1955. The business was called JT Epworth and Sons.  I have just one solitary knife from my Great grandfather's cutlery business Joseph Epworth (1855-1907) with his brother Thomas Epworth (1860-1926).

"JT Epworth and Sons" was always a bit of a puzzle to me as my father's father was Joseph Tom Epworth, but he only had one son William (my father).  It appears that the JT Epworth name originally came from the cutlery business of my Great Grandfather Joseph Epworth (1855-1907),and his brother Thomas Epworth (b 1860).  The "J" and the "T" being the two brothers respectively (see the cutlery stamp below).

My grandfather (Joseph Tom Epworth) had never been a cutler, though he may have been intended to follow in his fathers footsteps (Joseph Epworth 1855-1907), rather than becoming a clerk and a businessman (hosiery).

bulletClick here for Pictures of some of the cutlery, especially the "Epworth"  trade stamps.

I am also intrigued by the variations in the stamps.

"JT.Epworth & Sons' " (note no fullstop between J&T, and the apostrophe at the end)

"J.T.Epworth & Sons"

"J.T.Epworth & Son"  (note the singular Son here)

"Epworth & Son"


And then there are the more florid marks, see the photos


My father's cutlery business folded and he became a solitary blacksmith working in Dore village, on the outskirts of Sheffield for several years.

If you do have any Epworth, cutlery I would be interested to hear from you mailto:richard@epworth.family.name

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The cutlery industry relied heavily on "Little Mesters", people who handled one specific part of the process. see Cutlery in Sheffield

Transcript of the entry of "professions and trades" for SHEFFIELD in Baines's Directory of 1822.
Reference to:
Epworth Joseph, penknife manufacturer, 2 Norfolk lane, Sheffield, Yorkshire

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Epworth Cutlery found in Australia

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This is the Epworth stamp on an old knife

The stamp on the only piece from my Great Grandfather - Joseph Epworth (1855-1907) and his brother Thomas Epworth (1860-1926)